I offer online mentor sessions for those interested in jumping into wedding cinematography or for those looking at growing their existing business.



“I'm a photographer/videographer and the moment I saw Joyce films work I immediately inquired about her mentoring with me. She didn't hesitate to jump into an online 1 on 1 mentoring session with me and literally answer ANY questions I had about her work, and journey as a creator. In this industry its very hard to really pick the brains of seasoned pros. But Anna had no secrets with me. I felt like I knew her the moment started talking. I highly recommend Anna for mentoring. Off of one mentoring session I've added tools to my bag that I will continue to use throughout my career, and has helped me take the next step in becoming who I want to be for my brides.”

Sessions are 1 1/2 hours. They are done over Skype or FaceTime, or if you find yourself in Brooklyn, New York can be face to face! We go over the topics you choose! Before we chat I will send you a questionnaire to have a better understanding of what you wish to discuss and learn during our session so I can prepare!

I will be opening my mentor sessions again November 2019. Fill out the form below to schedule a time to chat! Sessions are $150.

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For those who have questions about gear, check out the kit I use when I film weddings below!