My first blog post! And how fitting that it would be the Swobodas. I love this family. They have a serious place in my heart. They're the ones to thank for bringing my husband and me together. Russell was an intern at Theophilus church the summer we met living with A.J and Quinn, the pastors of the church. And I was working with the church serving in various capacities. One Thursday night while hosting a class in my living room, in walks A.J. with Russell (encounter #1). We are introduced and A.J. will claim to this day he could see the spark that night. Fast forward a month or so later. I was nannying a few kids at the time and I invited Quinn with their son Elliot to meet me at a sing-a-long down the road from their house. Being that Quinn had a super full day, she asked Russell, the intern, if he would be able to take Elliot to the sing-a-long in her place. So I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into the coffee house and spotted Russell sitting with a 2 year old in his lap in front of the hand puppets. (encounter #2). We chatted the whole walk home and the rest shall we say is history!

Fast forward a few years later. Russell and I are now living in New York City, and we were beyond blessed when the Swobodas called us up to ask if they could visit! It felt like such an honor to host them in our home! I love when things come full circle! The cherry on top was being able to doing this fun photoshoot in the L.I.C. neighborhood overlooking the city before their trip ended!