The Joyces

To understand who Joyce Films is you must first understand the story of the couple behind it.

Russell met Anna during a summer internship at her church in Portland, OR. At summer’s end, Russell returned to seminary at Duke Divinity School in North Carolina, and the two embarked on a cross-country long-distance relationship. The southern gentleman and the pacific northwesterner beat the 3-hour time difference by sending videos, photos and letters back and forth to one another. And when it happened that they were in the same city for a week here or there, they would capture as many memories on film as possible. This is when the two first experienced the power of film. As much as they tried to commit to memory times they shared together, memories often lost their intensity, their clarity and even their reliability. That’s when the images they had captured would help them remember. And after the two married a bit later, they decided to turn that passion into a career path, fully diving headlong into Joyce Films.


Anna Joyce 

Owner, Cinematographer, Editor

An avid lover of people, Anna has always desired a career path that served others and worked toward enriching their lives. She was pursuing a career in counseling when she discovered that her hobby of film allowed her to connect and serve people the way she always wanted to. And she is now lucky enough to say, she gets to do precisely that every day and it's her full time job! She is the youngest of four sisters, and laughs hardest when they're around. She has an affinity for coffee and if were living a different life would for sure own a coffee shop or simply be a forever barista. Drink of choice, french press, black.  She is mildly obsessed with Golden Retrievers and has been known to hug stranger's dogs. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest she is a lover of all things green and outdoors. Loves hiking, camping, Kombucha, mountains and getting dirty.


Russell Joyce

Cinematographer, Writer

Russell is a simple man. A strong pint and a good book is all it takes. The elements of a compelling story are what he loves—which explains why he’s a pastor. He’s never found a better one. Originally from North Carolina, he loves soccer (both watching and playing), coffee (though that was something he married into and has since adopted as his own), and stories. Has he mentioned he loves stories? He studied in North Carolina where he discovered a deep affinity for the biblical languages. Though he has no idea his ancestry, other than his dad’s side was Irish, you would think he was a first generation Irish man the way he claims that land. If you were to call him right now, he would probably be reading the poems of WB Yeats with a Guinness on his end table. Seriously, that’s what he’s doing right now. *

Photographs taken by Jenna & Eddy Photography